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The Residual Wealth Success Formula

This is a simple, yet effective means of creating wealth from the internet, utilizing a very powerful coordinated strategy.

Once the formula is applied you will earn money from up to 20 separate income streams for the rest of your life !

*** This is the Key to Internet Marketing ***

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Hi, my name is Dena Mullens, the owner of the Residual Wealth Success Formula.

Let me paint for you a picture of where I am coming from.

I have been involved, or should I say, I have been on the internet for a good few years. Not as an owner of a program, just as a normal joe blow, looking around trying to make some money from the internet.

I had decided early on in the piece that I was going to make my fortune there. After all the internet is so easy and everybody is making money. Right?

Well that's what all the sales letters said.

Make more money than you ever dreamed of, throw a few ads out there, and in 30 days or less, with little or no effort, I would make a gazillion dollars.

And I bet you have read the exact sales copy I did and believed it just like me!

I tried program after program, some with some success, most with no success. Some programs just didn't turn up one day when I switched on my computer. The owners had taken my money and done a runner!

After a few years I was coming to the conclusion that the internet was a way that a few people made a lot of money but in my case, it had this uncanny ability to just suck money out of my pockets, pretty much every time I switched on my computer.

I decided that either I was no good at it, or just plain dumb!

Now I do hold a University Degree, so I knew I wasn't dumb.

And I also knew that if I felt that way, others must too.

All I really wanted was the nicer things in life. I didn't want to work for a boss for 40 years.

I just wanted a nice house and car. I wanted to make a good income and have the time to spend that income doing the things I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.

I wanted to travel and I wanted to spend quality time with the husband and children - you know, the things you can't really do whilst working for a boss.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

I have spent thousands of hours and a great deal of money over the last few years in an effort to find that gem....that one program that could make it all happen for me and my family.

Does this ring true to you? Have you had the similar experience that I have had?

Great - we are on the same page.

So a couple of years back, I started to look around the internet for a program that was easy to use, didn't cost a lot of money, and that would reward me for the time and effort I put into it by way of a good, dependable income.

Guess what - I found nothing that came close to it.

You see I didn't want people to have to do the things I went through to get to the point of making money out of the internet. There had to be a better way!

Sure there was some good programs out there. But there just didn't seem to be a coordinated strategy.....

...and that's where the idea of the Residual Wealth Success Formula came from.

The Residual Wealth Success Formula, as the name implies, is all about creating a long term Residual Income. After many years of searching around on the internet, I have been able to assemble a collection of quality programs, designed to "give the little guy a fair go" at making a substantial income from the internet, all wrapped up in a very simple and workable strategy.


The Residual Wealth Success Formula, was developed so that anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, no matter what their income level is, can succeed and create a better financial future for themselves and their family.


All it takes is some time, and a desire to change your economic situation. That is something I can't give you. You are responsible for your own economic destiny. The Government won't change it for you..... Your boss won't change it for you.... Only YOU can.

And by following this simple plan, I know that within a years time, you will be financially far ahead of where you are today. You can have the new car, the better house, a nicer lifestyle, more cash in the bank and a Retirement Income...but it all starts with YOU.


Did you know that around 97% of people that commence an internet business, make less than $40 per month


I was shocked when I first read that statement.

It also made sense to me as I had long suspected that there were the very few who were making lot's of money, but the majority of people didn't.

I have got to tell you that up until I started using the Residual Wealth Success Formula myself, I was one of them!

Now be honest...you may just be in that bracket too!

I also know why this appalling statistic holds true.

Generally it is a combination of the following factors

1. Poor choice of program to promote in the first place. Many programs on the internet last only a few months. They start up with a flourish and once the initial hype is gone, so too is the program.
2. Not having a successful plan to follow.
3. Lack of support.
4. Inability to market effectively.
5. Program hoping - you know, going from one  great thing onto the next great thing.
6. To succeed is just too hard due to either time or technical levels of experience required to operate the business in the first place.


The Residual Wealth Success Formula has negated all of the above reasons for why people fail on the internet!


So, let me address the issues as to why people fail, in a little more detail, and outline to you a proven formula, that pretty much guarantees your success, if you are willing to follow a detailed set of instructions, and are prepared to devote around an hour a day working this formula.

1. Poor choice of program to promote in the first place.

The Residual Wealth Success Formula is a Multiple Income Stream system where you can earn from around 20 different programs.

Our Core programs are Traffic Wave and My Perpetual Biz. You will need to join either or both of these programs in order to make a true walk away, long term residual income.

You must join Traffic Wave unless you currently hold a Traffic Wave account, outside of the the RWSF lines of sponsorship.

If that is your situation, then you will need to join My Perpetual Biz to benefit from the RWSF business building tools.

a. Traffic Wave

Now Traffic Wave has been around since the year 2000 and has paid out more than $940,000 in commissions to its affiliates. It provides a great auto responder service, banner rotator service, an excellent Ad Tracker and Free For All advertising pages. For just $17.95 per month you can launch powerful email marketing campaigns and take your organization to the next level in efficiency. There is even a 30 day Free Trial so you can test out their system.

The compensation plan is worked on a 3 x 10 matrix and includes Fast Start Bonuses, Regular Commissions and Leadership bonuses. That means it pays up to 10 levels deep. As a comparison, the other big Auto Responders in the market place, pay no more than two levels.

Traffic Wave offers a service that every single website operator needs, an Auto Responder. An Auto Responder is a way that owners can communicate to their clients simply by clicking a send button. It works 24/7 delivering their information 365 days a year, all on auto pilot.

The Traffic Wave Auto Responder, when used effectively is a very, very powerful tool. It can save you time and money and help you work faster and more efficiently. Auto Responders never sleep, donít forget or take breaks, donít ask for a raise or go on vacations, they just work for you 24/7/365.

Your link to get to this page was delivered by Traffic Wave and it happened automatically! Everyone you share the Residual Wealth Success Formula  with will be able to use all the features of Traffic Wave for a full 30 days, without spending a penny.

Once I and the rest of the team have helped you build a substantial income in Traffic Wave, then there are another 30 odd different programs that are waiting in the wings to help you grow well past a $2,000 per month income.

These other programs will be made available to you once you join the Residual Wealth Success Formula.

b. My Perpetual Biz 

My Perpetual Biz is our own program designed to give the Internet Marketer great exposure to their product or service and at the same time pay them to advertise!

It has massive appeal to all Internet Marketers and as such, since it's introduction to the Internet Community in July 2011 has experienced strong growth.

It is a 4 x 7 forced matrix program, paying $1 referral bonuses and commissions from the matrix of up to $2200 per month.

It truly is a business within a business!

The program has been designed with front loaded commissions which means that it is relatively easy to break even.

Recruit only 4 and your monthly fee of $9 is well and truly covered.

Being a forced matrix, spillover is possible and does happen.

You can view the details of the My Perpetual Biz by clicking here - but don't join from that link!

2. Not having a successful plan to follow.

Making money on the internet is not necessarily hard. It does require some patience and certainly a good reliable system, or plan and a willingness to work that plan. There are some elements of internet marketing that are common to whatever program you are choosing to promote. They are:

a) You must have a lead capture page

If you let visitors arrive at your website, and don't capture their email address, and they don't buy from you then and there, what have you got? Nothing; and your advertising has just gone to waste. Itís a fact that most people do not buy on their first exposure to your product. Most sales occur after at least 7 follow ups. You can get up to 75% of your sales after the seventh contact. You need a trouble free way to capture their email address and then have an automatic system of contacting them. You must have heard the statement "the money is in the list"

b)  You must have a follow up system in place

It must be automatic, or else, as you do more and more business you will drive yourself crazy, just trying to follow up on potential customers.

c) You must have a duplicatable system

Network Marketing is a very profitable business to be in, with many, many people making extraordinary levels of income, however it is also very widely criticized. The reason for that criticism is simply people joining and waiting for spillover from other people and not doing any of the work to create a team. You must have a system in place that will enable them to recruit and duplicate your success.

As part of your membership in the Residual Wealth Success Formula, I will provide you with your own Lead Capture Pages, hosted on my servers, so there is no need for you to worry about website set up, hosting or obtaining a domain names.

We use Traffic Wave to follow up with your prospects. I will provide you with a series of follow up emails, and I'll show you how to arrange them so that they are coming under your own name. These letters are not hard sell, they are designed to outline the benefits of the Residual Wealth Success Formula, persuading your prospect to join under you. They will naturally carry your link to this page, so you will get credit for following the formula.

The whole Residual Wealth Success Formula is based around a completely duplicatable system with detailed instructions. Pretty much, if you can copy, paste, click a mouse and can read, then you are set. All of the team follows the same plan.


3. Lack of support.

I provide the support and will answer any of your prospects questions. In your Traffic Wave email series, there is a link that your prospects can click on which is linked to my email account. As part of your membership, you will have a fully functioning members area. Your membership area is where you will find  hints and tips for you to benefit from, as well as full details on the other programs that will generate income for you and a "Frequently Asked Questions" area.

All the FREE programs you will use to advertise the Residual Wealth Success Formula are accessible from your membership area.

There is a comprehensive Training Website which will give you the finer details on setting up the various programs that we use to drive traffic to your Referral pages along with an action plan to make your new business highly successful and profitable.

I want you to follow the plan and only concern yourself with building your business, not have to worry about answering questions. Action is the cure for mediocrity.


4. Inability to market effectively.

Most people who try to market a program or product do it the wrong way. As a matter of fact almost 97% of people that become involved in Internet Marketing fail to make more than $40 per month.

The secret is in the Marketing Plan.

This is where you donít really have a worry. I have done my research and can tell you the best places to market the Residual Wealth Success Formula, all at no cost to you!

I will provide you with the Sales letters, the auto responder emails, the Lead Capture Pages, and handle all the questions that are asked by your prospects. Everything you need to get started making money.

If you donít know anything about Internet Marketing, then the Training Website available to you for FREE, once you have joined the RWSF and either Traffic Wave or the  My Perpetual Biz businesses will teach you. Within this site is a detailed strategy designed to ensure your success with the Residual Wealth Success Formula.

Like I said earlier,

It is really very, very simple.


If you can read, copy, paste and click then I can help you make money... and lots of it!


As previously mentioned , the program that we derive our main income is from Traffic Wave. This is the program we are promoting for a number of reasons:


It is a program that every internet marketer requires.


It has a tremendous compensation plan, that pays up to 10 levels deep.


The income that you can make from this program is in excess of $88,000 per month.

Check out the compensation plan here   (Do not join from this link)

Now, a word of caution! This type of income will not happen overnight. Any income of that magnitude will require a reasonable amount of effort and time to establish. If any one tells you differentlyÖ.well thatís just BS.

However by working the Residual Wealth Success Formula as outlined in the Training Website, it can eventually happen for you.

The problem with most people undertaking an internet business is that they donít know how to promote. Well I do, and I will teach you how by directing people to this site you can make a sizeable income.

It really works like this;

1. You advertise your Splash Page through a hand picked selection of Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists. These sources have been carefully tested and will deliver prospects right to your Lead Capture Page.
2. These Lead Capture Pages ensure that your prospects will first have to register with your Traffic Wave Auto Responder to get to this page. This gets you started on building your own list!
3. The majority of people who respond to your offer, after reading this page will join Residual Wealth Success Formula (its free to join remember) to get the link for the Training Website site.
4. They will also join Traffic Wave through your affiliate link. And why not, as there is a 30 day free trial (you don't even need to provide credit card details), and if they see people in their downline, which occurs very, very frequently, they will upgrade to affiliate status. You will collect a fast start bonus of $17.95, (paid weekly by check or into your Pay Pal or Payza account) for your efforts, and ongoing commissions based on the strength of their own organization.

Like wise the same with My Perpetual Biz , where you will collect your referral bonuses and matrix commission payments during the first week of the next month, direct into your Pay Pal or Payza account.

5. They will join the Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists under you, and the process starts all over again.


Remember, I will provide you with the Splash Pages, the Lead Capture Pages and highly effective text ads that you can use with your Safe List. If you are unfamiliar with Safe List Marketing and Traffic Exchanges, don't worry, it's all covered in detail in the Training Website.

What makes this really work well is that all the way through people will be joining through your links.

You will get credits for people having joined under you in the Safe List and Traffic Exchanges, and very soon you will have an army of people working for you and with you.

Itís what we call leveraging your time. This is where most normal, bricks and mortar businesses fall down. There is only 24 hours in the day, so you canít do it all. With Network Marketing everybody helps every body else.

In Traffic Wave, not only will you have people join you that you have directed to this site, you will also have people join your from those above you and below you. All that is needed is one personal paid referral each month and you will get paid a commission for everyone in your team!

Now can you see the power of the Residual Wealth Success Formula?

If you can, donít you think that people you direct to this site, will too?


The only way that you will fail is if you donít do anything at all!


5. Program hopping - you know, going from one  great thing onto the next great thing.

People who make money out of internet marketing do not program hop. The Residual Wealth Success Formula, is exactly as the name implies. A formula that will provide residual wealth successfully for anyone who will follow the marketing plan. In the Training Website, I leave nothing to chance. I explain exactly in minute detail how to operate the formula to gain maximum income.

The whole Residual Wealth Success Formula is geared up to provide you an income, in the shortest amount of time possible. In nearly all cases, before your 30 day trial with Traffic Wave expires.

Now the only people, who donít join, are those not willing to work the daily hour or so it takes to promote this business, and quite frankly you donít need those types of people around you. You know the sort I mean. Those who are always whingeing and complaining about life yet wonít lift a finger to change their circumstance.

What about people who drop outÖ..well would you quit if you are making money? I didnít think so.

Currently there are around 30,000 people weekly who start up a home business in the US. Our marketplace is the world, so we will never run out of people to expose this business too.

Ask yourself, "Am I the only one on this planet that would like to make more money?"  Get my point?


6. To succeed is just too hard due to either time or technical levels of experience required to operate the business in the first place.

The Residual Wealth Success Formula requires no technical expertise to operate. As long as you can read English and can cut, copy, click your mouse and paste you will succeed.

The entire marketing process is covered in detail in the Training Website, available to you once you have joined the Residual Wealth Success Formula and either Traffic Wave or My Perpetual Biz .


Although this business is very, very simple to operate, don't let the simplicity of the formula detract from the immense power and effectiveness of the formula. It really works and for possibly the first time in your life, you can have an income generating money machine, that will completely change you financial circumstances.


Why select Network Marketing Companies to promote?


Let's start by clarifying some of the "lingo" you will see out there on the internet.

As far as I am concerned Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing are all very similar. If you get paid on any "Multi Level", the terms are pretty much interchangeable.

In Multi Level Programs, commonly referred to as Network Marketing programs, you are paid when the people you refer make a sale and also when the people they refer make a sale and so on. The absolute beauty of these types of programs is that it is built using a team concept. When built correctly, all members of the team make money. This can, and does lead into some very substantial long term income.

In the Residual Wealth Success Formula, the majority of the programs we use, utilize the concept of Network Marketing, simply because it is one of the most efficient ways of generating wealth. The concept of team building means you will have people referred into your business from those members above you and below you, as well as your own efforts. This is called spillover and what it means is that  everyone contributes to your success. Everyone in the team helps you make money!

Once your team is built, it is a living entity and will continue to grow and evolve and provide you with Residual Income. That's money for life!!!

"MOST "new" millionaires are made by way of inheritance....BUT, "60% of NEW Self-Made" millionaires come from Network Marketing........


The famous quote from J.Paul Getty still holds true to this day: I would rather have 1% of the efforts of a thousand people than 100% of the efforts of myself"


We all follow the "Power of One" as it is called. Every one bringing in one new member each month. So in month one your team is one, month two your team is 2, month three your team is 4, month four your team is 8, month five your team is 16, month six your team is 32, month seven your team is 64, month eight your team is 128, month nine your team is 256, month ten your team is 512, month eleven your team is 1024, month twelve your team is 2048.  


"Network Marketing is a way for the average guy, without much money, to keep their daytime job and really build an asset that set's them free."

 Robert T Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad which has sold 20million copies worldwide.


So every month we aim to double the size of your team. In Traffic Wave, your earnings are roughly $1.00 per team member. At month nine for instance that is $256, straight in your pocket. And that is only the beginning.

For not only do you earn from Traffic Wave, there are other good solid programs waiting in the wings for you to earn from as well. You are not encouraged to join all these programs straight up, as we don't want to have members financially over commit themselves. Instead, we promote a cautious entry into each additional program, all using some spare funds from the income you have made. We do not suggest you enter these additional income streams from money from your own pockets - only by income earned from the Residual Wealth Success Formula suite of programs.


YOU should NOT ignore mathematical FACTS...Focus your money-making efforts on MLM programs...They are statistically YOUR BEST route to becoming independently wealthy."

Brian Barnhouse - The Lies, The Myths, The Truths


"How do you eat an elephant? - one inch at a time"


If you have looked around on the Internet you will have seen the advertisements that proclaim that they can make you $20,000 per month or more, and whilst that may be true, it's not going to happen overnight.......

....and so it is with the Residual Wealth Success Formula.

I think it is more important for you to make your first $50, then $100, then $500, then $1,000 per month, before we even start talking about making $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 per month.

Don't you agree?

So I guess I am trying to say, that if you are expecting riches overnight, you certainly won't get it from this program.

But I see no reason in the world, why you can't be making $2,000 or more per month in around twelve months time!

I do know that if you follow our simple marketing plan you will make money and lots off it. We have members following the formula, making money, who have never ever made money on the internet before. So I know it works!

Just a word of caution: overnight riches on the internet is nothing more than hype.


You can find your place with a choice of two different membership levels


We operate two levels of membership:

  1. Free

  2. Pro

1. Free membership

This is available to those members who either join Traffic Wave on the 30 day free trial or upgrade their Traffic Wave membership to paid affiliate status.

Membership benefits at this level include:

a. Access to all the RWSF marketing tools and systems including, Prospects email series, Splash Pages, Lead Capture Pages all coded with your RWSF affiliate ID's.
b. Access to the Training Website.
c. A special signup bonus (valued at $69).
d. You can build your downline in the programs added by Admin and by your sponsor.
e. Allows you to place a link and short summary of your existing affiliate program in the "Sponsors Recommended Programs" page of the membership area. This is shown three levels deep to your downline for them to join trough.


2. Pro membership

The cost of the Pro membership is a low $9.00 per month and is packed full of benefits.

Other membership benefits at this level include:

a. Access to all the RWSF marketing tools and systems including, Prospects email series, Splash Pages, Lead Capture Pages all coded with your RWSF affiliate ID's.
b. Access to the Training Website.
c. Additional bonuses valued at $128.00.
d. You can build your downline in the programs added by Admin and by your sponsor.
e. My Perpetual Biz membership which will give you, not only the ability to earn over $2200 per month, but excellent exposure to your existing affiliate program. I'll cover that a little lower down the page.
f. Allows you to place a link and short summary of your existing affiliate program in the "Sponsors Recommended Programs" page of the membership area. This is shown ten levels deep to your downline for them to join trough.
g. You can place one Text Ad, subject to Admin approval, in rotation in the membership area of My Perpetual Biz and on the My Perpetual Biz Sales Page. This will be seen by both of the entire membership of My Perpetual Biz ,  and will give your other business massive exposure.
h. You can place one advertising banner, subject to Admin approval, in rotation in the membership area of RWSF and the membership area of the My Perpetual Biz . This will be seen by both of the entire membership of RWSF and My Perpetual Biz and will give your other business massive exposure.

Pro membership is only $9.00 per month and you don't need to be a member of Traffic Wave to be a Pro member. Seriously though, you would be crazy not to be a member of Traffic Wave due to it's fit with the Residual Wealth Success Formula marketing plan.

At only $9.00 per month, it's great value and will give your website excellent exposure!

Our advanced script works automatically with our secure database, and is designed to keep constant track of every click through associated with your referral id. These click throughs are traced and recorded in our database so you can rest assured that you will always receive the right compensation for your promotions.

And the great thing about all of this is - you only need to promote one link for multiple programs and multiple income streams!



You can succeed with us because we appeal to the whole internet community!


The Residual Wealth Success Formula is:

1. Simple to operate.
2. Can be operated in your spare time, allowing you to keep your existing job/income, whilst building up your residual income.
3. Can be operated successfully, by those with little or no experience in internet marketing as full training is provided.
4. It appeals to those who actually have an existing internet business as it is complimentary to their marketing efforts. The marketing system incorporated into the Residual Wealth Success Formula can really deliver massive traffic.
5. Everybody can use an additional income stream.
6. Unlike other down line builders on the internet, we use a coordinated strategy to develop for you multiple streams of income.

To the novice marketer - if you don't have a clue about internet marketing, then this business will teach you. Although the formula is simple to operate, the Training website leaves no stone unturned and will instruct you in exactly how to make a success of this business. You will be shown how to use Traffic Exchanges, Safe Lists and Viral Traffic Systems to your maximum benefit. You will gain the knowledge of how to incorporate the custom designed Splash and Lead Capture Pages into a dynamic total marketing system that will make you money - and all of this information is completely free !

To the more experienced marketer - you already know the benefits of gaining maximum exposure to a website. I will show you how, by using our Viral Traffic Systems, you can generate over 3,000,000 page views to your website and how to incorporate the Residual Wealth Success Formula into your current marketing and promotional efforts. You will build up your existing affiliate business and grow down lines in multiple Traffic Exchanges. If you are a Pro member you will receive banner displays at both RWSF and the My Perpetual Biz sites and earn a residual income from the Residual Wealth Success Formula all at the same time!


You get a complete wealth creation system for FREE!


This is what you get with your FREE membership in Residual Wealth Success Formula:

Lead Capture Pages Ė fully hosted on my site, coded with your affiliate links.



Splash Pages - fully hosted on my site, coded with your affiliate links.



Safe List Ads and other Advertising Resources Ė covered in the Training Website.



A set of Auto Responder emails for your Traffic Wave Account Ė working 24/7/365 just to increase your business and income. All coded with your affiliate link and branded under your own name.



Precise details of how to go about building a massive internet income - covered in the Training Website.



Full Support Ė I will personally handle all your prospects questions. You wonít have to do a thing in this area!



Membership area Ė You will have your own membership area with access to another 30 odd programs that you can use to make money with!

Ability to promote your own programĖ depending on your membership level, you can promote your own program down as far as 10 levels.


Placement in our World Wide Advertising Rotator Ė You will have me assisting you to build your business with our Corporate Advertising.


Opportunity to earn from multiple income streams Ė You will have access to another 20 plus programs from within your members area.


So what do you have to do?


1. Join the Residual Wealth Success Formula from the join now button at the bottom of this page. Remember that your membership in the Residual Wealth Success Formula is FREE.
2. Join Traffic Wave as an affiliate for the 30 day FREE trial from the link your membership area. You don't even need to submit credit card details. If you are an existing member of Traffic Wave, then you must join My Perpetual Biz to use our marketing system.
4. Once you have completed the steps above, you complete the form in your membership area with your Traffic Wave username and or your My Perpetual Biz username, and I will send you the link for the Training Website, which details precisely how to work this business and create for you a great income!
5. Work your business for 20 -30 minutes per day. And by work your business, I mean surf the Free Traffic Exchanges. (if you don't know how to do that, the Training Website will show you how)  Now putting in 20 -30 minutes per day will ensure your business grows at a steady pace. Those who put in more time, will have a greater growth rate. Those who put in less, well their business will grow slower.


If you are still unsure, you have a full thirty days to check out this system before you need to update to paid affiliate status in Traffic Wave. You can cancel at anytime, however I am so sure that you will make money, that I was reluctant to even include this sentence. So you will have a complete business that will cost you nothing for the first 30 days, then only $17.95 per month. Pretty good deal eh?

Now if you feel that you wonít be able to afford the Traffic Wave account after the thirty day FREE trial has expired, well that is what the My Perpetual Biz is there for. With very little effort in promoting, you can make both your Traffic Wave and My Perpetual Biz monthly dues from the My Perpetual Biz.

If you can't afford the $9.00 for your Pro membership, donít worry because I have included, as part of your membership in the Residual Wealth Success Formula, a collection of programs that will assist you to make more money. These I call my FREE Money Programs, and as the name applies they cost nothing to join.

But seriously, if you follow the Marketing Plan and join the My Perpetual Biz, you wonít need to worry about these FREE Money Programs, because you will easily be covering your Traffic Wave expenses from the revenue you will generate from this business.

Remember, I and the rest of the Residual Wealth Success Formula team will be helping you all the way and building your My Perpetual Biz for and with you!

So my friend, there you have it. If you follow this program all the way through, you will have a complete system that covers pretty much the basic principles of successful internet marketing:


A way to capture email addresses.



You will have a follow up system in place.



You will have a proven strategy at work for you.



You will have a team above you and below you recruiting successfully using the the Residual Wealth Success Formula.



You will be earning from more than 20 income streams, every month FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.



And all this happens, by you following the marketing plan, an 20 - 30 minutes a day, and advertising one link Ė that of your Residual Wealth Success Formula referral code.

This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. The Residual Wealth Success Formula will set you up with a long term sustainable business. It won't happen overnight, but by following the plan as outlined, it will happen, as sure as night follows day.

If you are completely happy with your current income, are sure that you will never lose your job, don't want anything more out of life or you know that you will be able to maintain your current lifestyle when you retire........

Then DON'T click the join link below.

For those of you who are realistic, and understand that YOU alone are in control of your financial future, click the JOIN NOW link below to learn the secrets of how you can go from $0 to $2000 per month in 13 months or less.

 And the best part is that the Residual Wealth Success Formula is completely FREE to join !!


The only way you can possibly fail in this business is if you do nothing!


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