Discover how our marketing system can grow your downlines, generate exposure to YOUR EXISTING AFFILIATE PROGRAM and substantially increase your own income.

Hi fellow marketer,

My name is Dena Mullens and I would like to thank you for stopping by and viewing this website.

I have created what is essentially a downline builder club knows as the Residual Wealth Success Formula (RWSF). I am all about creating wealth for my members, not linear wealth (the type of money you can earn from a one time sale), but residual wealth ; the type of wealth you receive for performing an action today and getting paid for that action today, tomorrow and long into the future.

Members of the Residual Wealth Success Formula are taught how to market using a combination of Splash and Lead Capture Pages connected to an auto responder and thus make money by promoting a collection of hand picked programs. These programs are selected based on longevity, profitability, ease of use and marketability.

My short term goal is to assist members to make at least $2,000 per month within their first thirteen months of membership leading onto an income of $20,000 per month within four years.

Our main marketing is through Traffic Exchanges, Safe Lists and more recently Viral Traffic Systems, all of which are free to join.


So what benefits will I receive ?

By utilising the Residual Wealth Success Formula you will:


Maximise your Advertising
Build Your List
Create additional incomes streams
Make more money


How does our downline builder work?

You would have arrived at this web page by clicking on a RWSF members' affiliate link.

This could have been either through one of our highly effective Splash Pages shown through the Traffic Exchanges or delivered through an advertisement placed in an email or any one of the ingenious Viral Traffic Systems that members employ to promote the RWSF.

From there you would have been taken to a Lead Capture Page, where your email address was automatically entered into an Autoresponder program.

The Autoresponder then sent you an email containing a link to this page, which of course you clicked on to arrive here.

Let's assume for the moment that you can see the virtues of the RWSF and how it can grow your own business and that you decide to proceed further....this is what will happen:

1. You join RWSF by clicking on the "join now" button on the previous page.
2. You will then gain access to your own members area
3. You will click on a link to establish a free 30 day trial Traffic Wave account. The link you click on to obtain your Traffic Wave account will be that of your referring member. The member whose advertisement you answered to arrive here.
  Now I realise that you may already have a functioning, paid Traffic Wave account and may be reluctant to open another one, so in that case you would join our other Core program - the RWSF Traffic Matrix, also through the link of your referrer.
4. You would then be granted access to our Training Website, which is one of the most comprehensive Training Websites on the Internet.. This website will show you how to load our pre written series of emails into your Traffic Wave Autoresponder. These emails are sent out to anyone who completes the Lead Capture Page from your promotional efforts and carry your affiliate links. designed to "soft sell" your RWSF business
5. You will join the recommended Traffic Exchanges through your referrers links.
6. You will then add your own affiliate id's into each of the programs above so that when someone joins you in your RWSF business, they will fall into your downline in each of the programs.
7. You start promoting your RWSF business through the recommended Safe List, Traffic Exchanges and Viral Traffic Systems using the Splash Pages and promotional emails that are included in your members area. These are coded with your RWSF affiliate id.
8. People will join you through these Splash Pages and you will receive referring credits and or commissions through the Traffic Exchanges, Safe List, Viral Traffic Systems and commission payments through Traffic Wave and the Traffic Matrix programs.

Our downline program is unique as unlike other downline builders that you may have come across, we offer a coordinated strategy to get your message across to other interested parties.

You see, many downline builders just say, join us and then advertise the link and people will come. My friend, on the internet you must follow the accepted marketing principles, what ever program you are promoting.

In our case we offer not only Splash Pages and Lead Capture Pages that you can use to market your product, but a complete marketing system using a pre written email series to plug into, that will "soft sell" to your prospects over a period of two weeks.

This and the fact that our whole website approach endorses the concept of downline building will assist you to further build your downlines and grow your profits in RWSF and your existing affiliate  program.


How will that benefit me?

When you join Traffic Wave on either the 30 day free trial or as a paid affiliate, through the join links in your members area, you will be granted FREE membership in RWSF.

Free membership status gives you:

a) Access to all the RWSF marketing tools and systems including, Prospects email series, Splash Pages, Lead Capture Pages all coded with your RWSF affiliate ID's.
b) Additional bonuses valued at $69.00.
c) Allows you to place a link and short summary of your existing affiliate program in the "Sponsors Recommended Programs" page of the membership area. This is shown three levels deep to your downline for them to join trough.

If you however, are a serious marketer, you will also join the Traffic Matrix and your membership status will be upgraded to Pro status.

Pro membership status gives you:

a) Access to all the RWSF marketing tools and systems including, Prospects email series, Splash Pages, Lead Capture Pages all coded with your RWSF affiliate ID's.
b) Additional bonuses valued at $128.00.
c) Allows you to place a link and short summary of your existing affiliate program in the "Sponsors Recommended Programs" page of the membership area. This is shown ten levels deep to your downline for them to join trough.
d) Traffic Matrix membership which will give you, not only the ability to earn over $2200 per month, but excellent exposure to your existing affiliate program by:
  - Displaying the Splash Page of your program of choice 500 times per month on the Top 20 Manual Traffic Exchanges.
  - Displaying a Text Ad, in rotation, of the program of your choosing on the RWSF and Traffic Matrix membership area.
  - Displaying a Text Ad, in rotation, of the program of your choosing on the Traffic Matrix Sales Pages.
  - Displaying a Banner, in rotation, of the program of your choosing on the RWSF and Traffic Matrix membership area.
  - Displaying a Banner, in rotation, of the program of your choosing on the Traffic Matrix Sales Pages.

Our Traffic Matrix program is unique as it will display your business to not only our network of sites, but also to the Internet in general through the Traffic Exchanges. Most advertising programs will only show your business on their own website!

As you can see, your existing affiliate program will get good exposure as a free member, but excellent exposure as a Pro member.


Because everyone follows the same path to join the Residual Wealth Success Formula there are other excellent traffic benefits for you - that will build your existing affiliate programs!


Now, you may be familiar with some of the concepts that I disclose below, however it doesn't hurt to revisit them as they are a key component in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

The key to success on the internet is to expose your goods or services to as many people as possible - Do that one thing on a consistent basis, and regardless of whatever program you are promoting YOU WILL MAKE MONEY - guaranteed.

Let's look at the methods we use to generate exposure to your business:

Viral Traffic Systems

Viral Traffic Systems are a brand new marketing system which allows people like you and me to get our message across to the internet community in a most effective way. It allows ordinary marketers, with little or no marketing budget to obtain very high volumes of traffic to their website.

To join, visitors go through a rather ingenious sign up process which guarantees maximum exposure to your website. In order for them to submit their site for viewing by millions, they must first click on your advert and view your website for at least 15 seconds. At the end of that time a special code appears on the screen which must be inserted in the appropriate box on the site. They then have to do that with 5 others before they can join and have their ad placed into the marketing system at the number one spot. Your ad is then moved down to the number two spot.

Every time someone wants to use this amazing marketing system your ad gets moved down to the next position. By the time your ad is moved down to position 6, you will have thousand of people promoting your advertisement, without you having to lift a finger.

You literally can generate in excess of 1,000,000 hits to your website in a matter of a month or so. These are quality ad views, not like an autosurf program where the viewer doesn't even have to look at your website. The viewer has to stay on the website for a period of time and then collect the code.


Now let's have a look at what is possible. With the right type of promotion, do you think you can find ten people in the whole world of cyberspace who would sign up for a free program that will promote their website to 1,000,000 plus viewers pretty much on auto pilot?

It's a no brainer now, isn't it.

So let's say you have ten signed up and they have ten sign up, in fact it is so easy to get ten signups, that you can do this all in a matter of days...that's the viral nature of the system.

So following on from the above assumption, let's see how the figures work out.


10 people join under you 1 x 10

Your website gets 10 new visitors

10 people join up under them 10 x 10 Your website gets 100 new visitors
10 people join up under them 10 x 10 x10 Your website gets 1,000 new visitors
10 people join up under them 10 x 10 x10 x10 Your website gets 10,000 new visitors
10 people join up under them 10 x 10 x10 x10 x10 Your website gets 100,000 new visitors
10 people join up under them 10 x 10 x10 x10 x10 x10 Your website gets 1,000,000 new visitors

 So overall your website would receive 1,111,110 visitors

So what is the chance of this happening - very high!

The system is free to join, guarantees massive traffic, real visitors, takes about ten minutes to set up, and requires very little promotion. So who in their right mind wouldn't join.

Everybody who is on the internet needs traffic and this my friend, is the perfect solution. As a matter of fact, this promotional tools is so powerful that I have incorporated 3 of these systems into the Residual Wealth Success Formula. Hence the claim of 3,000,000 website views.

Apart from the above Viral Systems we also promote the use of another program that will actually give you page views of your chosen program, for just surfing or browsing the internet...this one is also free to join.

Manual Traffic Exchanges

If you currently use Traffic Exchanges or Safe Lists to market your ventures then you will find that the Residual Wealth Success Formula offers tremendous benefits.


Well let's face it, you are probably surfing or clicking to raise credits for your primary business. If it is an affiliate page, chances are you are not really getting the response that you desire.

So what most surfers do is to blame the product or program and move onto the next great thing and promote some other affiliate page through Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists.

And guess what, the results with the new affiliate program will be about the same.

My friend, this is called program hopping and one of the reasons people leave the Internet Marketing community totally disillusioned. By the way, I cover this particular point in the main don't forget to look at it!!!!

People who use Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists are generally trying to sell you while you are trying to sell them. In other words, your audience is not particularly well targeted.

What most people who use this medium are really after are either List Building Tools or Traffic Tools.

In other words products or services that will help them expand their own business - and that is where we can help.

The Residual Wealth Success Formula is an excellent List Building and Traffic Generation tool that all Internet Marketers can use!

The Residual Wealth Success Formula utilizes a hand picked selection of Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists that work. They are not necessarily those programs touted by some websites as the bees knees, but they do provide excellent results for our members.

All of our members are encouraged to spend an 20 - 30 minutes per day clicking for credits on the recommended Traffic Exchanges and posting ads to the recommended Safe Lists.

As a result of that mode of marketing members will join you in your downline, through the List Builder contained in your Residual Wealth Success Formula Membership Area.

So how does that help you?

All Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists will pay you either a commission or credits for referring new members to their program. Instead of surfing for yourself and maybe raising 500 credits per hour, using the Residual Wealth Success Formula, you could be making 5000 credits per hour.

That happens because Traffic Exchanges will also pay you residual credits or referral credits based on the activity of your downline.

A typical example

Let's look at one of our recommended Traffic Exchange programs, that of WebBizInsider.

Web Biz pay 100 bonus credits for an initial referral and 10% residual credits up to 6 levels deep.

So let's use the old standard of everybody being able to recruit 3 members each and by using the Residual Wealth Success Formula I can assure your that that is easy.

You would have in time:

3 members on your 1st level

9 members on your 2nd level

27 members on your 3rd level

81 members on your 4th level

A total of 120 members, and that is only counting the first 4 levels, not 6 that Web Biz would pay you on.

Let's assume each member surfs only 10 pages per day and therefore the whole group would surf 1200 pages per day. (Many members surf far greater than 10 pages per day).

Your referral credits would be 10% of 1200 or 120 credits per day.

And you haven't done anything different to what you are doing now. All you have done is to advertise one link, that of your Residual Wealth Success Formula referral page.

Now let's also say that those members join the other Traffic Exchanges in your Residual Wealth Success Formula Back Office, as of today there are 25, and let's also assume that the referral credit ratio remains at 10%, you would end up with the total group surfing 250 pages each.

So let's look at how that pans out:

Number of members 120
Number of pages each per program 10
Total pages = 120 x 10 1,200
Total pages multiplied by the number of programs = 1,200 x 25 30,000
Total daily credits for you = 300,000 x 10% 3,000


Now granted that not everybody will surf 10 pages each and every day, at each and every Traffic Exchange, and I also know that not all programs will pay 10% referral credit 6 levels deep....but it sure beats the heck out of surfing for maybe 500 credits per hour...doesn't it

On top of this potential amazing amount of credits that you could receive for FREE is the fact that some of your downline will upgrade their membership status to pro membership in some of the Traffic Exchanges and/or Safe Lists. This can result in you receiving a cash commission, depending on your own membership level, of up to 50%.

In the Elite Safe List program for instance, at the Elite level you would receive up to $9.98 per month per person at this level in commissions.

If you utilize some of these credits to expanding your RWSF business and some directed towards expanding your own existing affiliate programs, then it's a win win situation now, isn't it?


List Building - the money is in the list

Okay, I hope that I have established the point that by joining the Residual Wealth Success Formula and building a downline that you can generate an enormous amount of page views or credits in Traffic Exchanges and Safe let's look at how we put this together.

You have probably heard that the money is in the list, and that is partially right.

You have probably also heard that most people do not buy on the first exposure to a product, and that is also correct.


According to the National Sales Association

2% of Sales are made on the 1st contact

3% of Sales are made on the 2nd contact

5% of Sales are made on the 3rd contact

10% of Sales are made on the 4th contact

80% of Sales are made on the 5th - 12th contact


What the smart marketers do is capture the prospects email address, using a Splash Page or Lead Capture Page and then plug those names into an Auto Responder which is a program that will send out a series of emails to your prospects at a predetermined time.

The objective is to convert your list of names into potential sales and taking into consideration the stats above from the National Sales Association, that's a pretty clever idea.

One of our Core Programs is Traffic Wave. If you have not heard about this company, apart from providing an excellent Auto Responder and Ad Tracker, they also have one of the best compensation programs available.

I don't want to dwell to much on the benefits of using Traffic Wave to continually keep in touch with your list, as the details are covered on the main page, the one that you came from.

Traffic Wave allows you to set up multiple auto responder campaigns. With your RWSF membership you will get a series of emails to load into your auto responder, that will quietly "sell" to your prospects the benefits of joining you in your RWSF business. There is nothing stopping you from establishing a new campaign and designing a series of emails to promote your own business as well.

However, it is important to establish the fact that if you are a Traffic Exchange or Safe Lists marketer, you will benefit greatly by using the Residual Wealth Success Formula. You will be marketing the tools that appeal to Safe List & Traffic Exchange markets - those of List Builders and Traffic Tools.


Summary of Benefits


Promote your OWN program to the RWSF & Traffic Matrix membership. *
Explode the traffic coming to YOUR website.
Build your OWN list of eager clients.
Earn from up to 20 + income sources.
Build a PASSIVE income.

* depending on membership level

What's the next step?

Your next step is to close this window and read the entire main page.

Then click on the "Join button" near the bottom of that page and let's get you started developing another income stream whilst promoting your existing affiliate program.

I hope to see you as a member of our Team, and look forward to assisting you to make a bundle of money.


Kindest Regards,

Dena Mullens


Please close this window and read the entire main page to get a better overall perspective of the entire Residual Wealth Success Formula, and how you can generate a substantial income doing nothing different than you are doing now...just being a little bit more clever.

The only way you can possibly fail in this business is if you do nothing!

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